Bergen – Mountains and Ocean by Nina Wolff

- Nina Wolff is a Norwegian who lives with her family in NY, and just started an interior company

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We always return to my hometown Bergen when we are in Norway.

It’s a special city surrounded by 7 mountains and situated by the ocean on Norway’s west coast. While in Bergen we always hike up Stoltzekleiven. As long as your health is good you should do this too. It’s a steep but short hike, takes 20 min up 800 steps and offers amazing views when you are up to the top. Ulriken restaurant 643 is another spot located on top of one of the mountains surrounding the city with amazing views and very good food, you get there by taking a gondola.

Cornelius is a top seafood restaurant situated on a tiny island with spectacular views of the ocean and fjords.

Last summer we did a wonderful trip that I can really recommend. We drove to Kristiansand located all the way in the south of Norway to visit our family there. Going there we took the coast road and going back we took the mountain route. This way you really get to experience a lot of the best things Norway has to offer. The trip to Kristiansand takes around 6 hours but you should stop and take your time. Use 6 hours or 2 days!

(Take the ferry from Halhjem to Sandvikvåg, through Stord, catch another ferry from Mortvika to Arsvågen, through Stavanger and Jæren then continue to Kristansand.)

Kristiansand is the best place to experience a Norwegian summer. It’s where a lot of Norwegians spend their holiday. You can rent a summerhouse and enjoy seafood, boat life, fishing and nice beaches. And remember to stop by “Fiskebryggen” for the famous fish soup!

Going back to Bergen you take the mountain route. This trip takes about 7 hours, but again, use time and enjoy this trip. The beginning of the route has beautiful mountains and plateaus. Later, you get to the famous fjords. Make sure to stop and try the delicious Norwegian cherry called moreller, take a trip to Folgefonnen, a glacier you can actually go skiing on in the summer. The landscape along the National Tourist Route Hardanger is for many the very essence of the national romantic nature of the west country, you will experience lush green nature, waterfalls, winding roads, mountains and glaciers.

(Drive up Setesdalen, pass Hovden, over Haukeli, to Odda and then to Ullensvang, where we stayed at the amazing Ullensvang Hotel. Take the ferry from Kinsavik to Utne and to Jondal where you can visit the glacier. Take another ferry from Torrvikbygd to Bergen. Stop in Norheimssund for the waterfall you can walk under. has more info on the routes.)

Drive safely, this is not three lane highways we are talking about!


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