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Alex Berger is a long time traveler but still in his mid-20s Alex has visited over 30 countries and is the author of the travel blog VirtualWayfarer
Victoria Cecilia is the singer of the Los Angeles based band Gliss.
Sandy Highdale Lindquist is 100% scandinavian.
Carol King is married to a Norwegian and has been involved with SON in NC, USA for several years.
Steven Lilly is an educator who lives in Arkansas.
Maja Svensson is a New York based business owner of ELSA AND ME which is an eco-friendly business wear for women.
Julie Gagen is an avid traveler that typically spends her time abroad working on community water supply projects in developing countries.
Megan Tulikangas is a policy analyst and amateur photographer living in New Orleans.
Laura Donegan is a Mother of three, and part Swedish and Norwegian
Jim Revells is a father of two girls and a grandfather of two more. His interests are in metal smithing and Viking History.
Phil Biedron is a comedian/actor who loves to travel and luckily he's required to do so because of work
Michael Nassar first discovered Helsinki on a layover to St. Petersburg, Russia. He's been in love with Scandinavia ever since.
Kevin Hannah is a Swedish-speaking American 'Scanthusiast' into travel, the arts, indie music and writing.
James Brown is a student, who spent last year studying abroad in Munich, Germany.
D. Aurora Green is 58 years old and is from USA.
Amy Atwell is a native of Denver, Colorado. She works with corporate communications as an editor and content developer.
Lisa Dion is 28 years old. She has worked as a healthcare provider for Beautiful Gate, an Orphanage for HIV/AIDS children.
Kris Kardash is a filmmaker from the San Francisco Bay Area.
Peter Eglinton is an environmental consultant working from Maine, dreaming of Norway.
Bergen, Norway
Lisa Bandt lives in Denver Colorado and will always come back to Norway!
Beverly Krainin is a Swedish-American living in northeastern United States.
Jennifer Apell is an environmental engineer who finds the natural beauty of Scandinavia to be surreal.
Kathleen Armstrong is an Energy Efficiency manager who lives near Yosemite National Park.
Mary Lokken is a 50 year-old Norwegian-American, lives in Florence, Italy.
Diane Knutson is a school psychologist for a small school district, and lives in Yakima, Washington.
Elizabeth Butts is an Accounting and Human Resources Manager at the Kent County SPCA in Camden, Delaware.
Bob Riggs is half Swedish. Has visited Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Scandinavia tops the list of favorite destinations!
Hilde Addison is an adventurous viking woman; a lady whom loves to travel, ski and hike along fjords and mountaintops, lakes and rivers.
Robert Estep is 51 and lives in East Haddam. Interested in vegetarian cooking, fine wine, travel, and enjoying time with friends.
Lori Wegener believes "Wherever you go, there you are"
Gerda Szász is a 22 year old University graduate originally from Transylvania, now residing in Finland
Tobias Brüggemann is a guy from the continent. Nordish by nature
Anna Easteden is an award nominated actress, an international model and a humanitarian
Michael Mills is a board member of the LA Running Club. His last marathon was in Stockholm.
Jenny B. Trucano lives in Washington D.C. where she works at National Geographic Magazine.
Tori Bergersen is the District Executive Chef for ARAMARK Higher Education
Chip Cosby is a guitarist for Loquat and a PhD student in Philosophy and Religion at California Institute of Integral Studies
Melissa Coyle- Hammitt is a volunteer at the foodbank in her community, a Girl Scout Leader and active in her local church.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Richard Bolland is a Lutheran pastor in Kansas City, Missouri who wishes to return to Denmark soon
Steve Capell was born and raised in USA.
Mike Baughan is a optometrist in North Carolina, USA,a jazz fan - married to a lovely woman who looks Scandanavian
Davis Siksnans is a student from Wisconsin who likes to connect his college papers with Scandinavia whenever he can
Michele Arnold is a 41 year old female from Putnam County, N.Y. I enjoy all aspects of outdoor life, love animals, and different cultures
Edward Wick have 60+ travel videos about Nordland Norway, Lofoten, Iceland and USA
Alex Olsen is a 35 year old son whom left Denmark to pursue the job market in the USA
Marilee Reinertson Torres was raised in an american home that celebrated Norwegian roots.
Richard Walter I received my Medicare card in the mail yesterday so that tells you how old I am
Paulina Dyrka is a 21 years old girl from Poland. In love with finnish music and whole Scandinavia
Taylor Lescallette is a 20 year old student at Georgetown University. She loves Scandinavia, its people, and its cultures.
Brittany Johnson is a cultural anthropology/archeology student & devoted metal-head who is dating a lovely Norwegian
Linnea Bengtsson has been working in Rockford City Hall since January of 2011, representing the City of Lidköping, Sweden
Fräulein Plastique is a 24 years old - Alternative Model & Musician/Singer (The Girl & The Robot, Welle: Erdball)
Josh Kreydatus is a lover of music, dark and gothic European history and culture, and Norse history and mythology.
Värmdö, Sweden
Börge Hellström is one of two in Roslund & Hellström, the authors of the praised crime fiction novel Three Seconds
Mälaren, Sweden
Anders Roslund is one of two in Roslund & Hellström, the authors of the praised crime fiction novel Three Seconds
Gothenburg, Sverige
William Smith is an American Engineer of Irish descent
Bergen, Norway
Nina Wolff is a Norwegian who lives with her family in NY, and just started an interior company
Helsingborg, Sweden
Richard Churchill is a biker with a need to feel the road under his tires and camp in the open
Jack Wilkins is a retired Marketing Executive, married to a Norwegian woman
Brekstad, Norway
Michael Holtermann is a Norwegian graphic designer living in New York
Lunner, Norway
JoAnn Eaton is a mother of three from Minnesota who enjoys hiking in Norway
Skudeneshavn, Norway
Astrid Tollefsen is an author and daughter of a Norwegian fishing boat Captain who emigrated to America.
Mandal, Norway
Brian Bumby is an amateur photographer who lives in New York and work in classical music
Lund, Sweden
Brian Andersson is a NY Executive specializing in the city's history and genealogy, with his roots both in Denmark and Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
June Brasgalla has a son living in Stockholm, both are smitten by Sweden!
Frank Mortensen speaks "old Norwegian" with an American accent
Blake Dimeff is a BASE jumper favoring Norway for jumping off cliffs
Jon Hysell is an executive fund raiser at a college in New York
Bergen, Norway
Nathan Parent is a young musician looking for his place in the world
Robert Woodworth is an architect that loves to travel and design environmentally friendly spaces
Oslo, Norway
Sophia Lie is a Norwegian model living in New York City
Vaxholm, Sweden
Freja Kjellberg is a Swedish model
Martin Gran is CEO of Snøhetta Design, a brand and design consultancy, one of Scandinavia's premier architecture firms.
Smögen, Sweden
Mathias Bergh is a Swedish model who did campaigns for Gucci, Prada and DKNY among others
Sandhamn, Värmdö
Erik Wachtmeister is a Swedish entrepreneur and the founder of aSmallWorld
Bjørn Bruun is a Danish designer and the founder of Bruuns Bazaar
Harald Zwart is a Norwegian film director, best known for "Agent Cody Banks" and "The Karate Kid"
Liza Marklund is one of Sweden's best selling authors
Dalby, Skåne, Sweden
Jesper Anderberg is a member of the Swedish indie band The Sounds
Morten Andersen is Danish and the all time leading scorer in the National Football League
Sondre Lerche is a musician and composer from Norway
Sean Bergenheim is a Finnish professional ice hockey player for the Tampa Bay Lighting of the NHL
Thure Lindhardt is a Danish actor, most known for his role in "Angels & Demons"
Nordkapp, Norway
Shabana Rehman is a Norwegian-Pakistani comedienne
Marcus Samuelsson is a Swedish world-class chef based in New York, and the winner of Top Chef Masters on Bravo TV
Grete Waitz was a Norwegian nine-time New York Marathon winner, who lost her fight with cancer April 19th, 2011.
Sharin Foo is one half of the Danish popduo The Raveonettes
Lapland, Finland
Angelika Kallio modeled for twenty years as one of the top 6 models in the world, and is now involved in real estate business in New York
Ulf Ekberg is a founding member of the Swedish pop group Ace of Base
Moods of Norway is a designer team, based in Norway and Los Angeles
René Redzepi is the head chef and co-owner of noma, voted world's best restaurant
Sune Rose Wagner is one half of the Danish pop duo The Raveonettes
Simo Kuusisto is the founder of the Nordic Breads, and he is the executive chef for the Ambassador of Canada, to the United Nations
Madcon is a Norwegian hip hop duo
Mika Piirainen is a Finnish designer who has designed for the Finnish fashion brand Marimekko since 1994
Henrik Lundqvist is a Swedish professional ice hockey goalkeeper for the NHL hockey team New York Rangers
Unni Askeland is a Norwegian contemporary artist
Vebjørn Sand is a Norwegian painter and installation artist
Giana Factory is a new successful Danish band consisting of Louise Foo, Sofie Johanne and Lisbet Fritze
Ole Henriksen is a Danish Skin Specialist and Spa Owner in Hollywood
Riku Campo is a professional make-up artist and the author of the book “Best in Beauty”
Mika Pohjola is a Finnish-born jazz pianist and composer - one of the most prolific Scandinavian jazz musicians in his generation
Sandra Beijer is one of Sweden's most popular bloggers that just moved to New York City
Lofoten, Norway
Børge Ousland is a polar explorer, who always longs for Norway
Ulla Suokko is a NY-based concert artist and entertainer, and a virtuoso flutist and an expressive pop/folk vocalist
Anders Holst is Swedish singer and songwriter based in New York City
Apocalyptica is a cello rock band composed of classically trained cellists, graduates of Sibelius Academy.
Bjarke Ingels is a Danish architect and founder of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)
Efva Attling is a Swedish avant-garde jewelry designer, with Madonna and Jennifer Aniston among her clients
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